Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Introducing: The40p

My new fiction market has been launched. The40p is so named because every story published sells for 40p (or more, if the buyer so wishes, no writer turns down a gift horse in the eye after all).

You can find us here.

Submission are now open, here are the guidelines. They'll be getting tweaked over the next week as the current length doesn't show up too well on mobile devices. Basically, we'll take any genre (including non-fiction) if its well written, and the only outright No-Nos are abuse and fanfic.

You can follow us on twitter @the40pdotcom.

Alternatively, we have Facebook and on Linkedin. We shall soon have pages on all the main social media sites.

We also have two stories. One by yours truly, "Love You, Sweetie!", about a murder, revenge and a ghost from Celtic mythology. When I picked an old legend to base the tale around, I managed to somehow luck upon one my folklorist wife hadn't heard of.

However, we were delighted to welcome on board Interzone books editor Jim Steel. "Thrilling Air Stories!" is a typical Steelian tale, where the average person in the street rapidly finds themselves completely at sideways with reality. This one involves a failing marriage, balloons, and a war zone.

We hope you enjoy!