Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Euro 2016: The rest

Due to ill health, the conclusion to the Euro blogs have been nearly entirely undertaken by Jon Arnold on his lonesome. Much obliged!

Each of his bits were written the night the teams crashed out. Or didn't, in one case.


Friday, 1 July 2016

Euro 2016 Round of 16

Michael: So, it’s been a nice quiet week in UK-land, nothing of note happening, honest. We’ve only seen the Prime Minister resign (snap shot review – as bad as Lord North), the English and Welsh vote to leave the EU, the Scots in a bit of a quandary about where their future lies (to say nothing of Northern Ireland and poor old Gibraltar), and the ruined careers of at least three formerly leading politicians. I must say that Michael Gove’s knifing in the back of Boris Johnson was a moment of such political manoeuvring even I had to applaud the sheer ruthlessness.

We won’t mention Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party, because that will just depress folk.

I wonder if the imminent Scottish independence will actually transform Scottish football into something competent.

Jon: The weeks been “interesting” in the Chinese sense, but even that would be stretching things...

Michael: A moment of celebration for the fact that Michael’s favourite South American side, Chile, have won the Copa America two years running. What can I say, Alexis Sanchez IS World Class. I’m sure that result went down well in Argentina and caused no long term issues...

 I’m a hipster, I’ve liked Chile since 2008ish.

Gav: Thought you were going to say 1962!

Michael: Technically, I felt sorry for them in 2004, when they crashed out of the Copa America in agonising circumstances. 93rd minute, player strikes the ball, it bounces off the cross bar, right to a Costa Rican who runs up the pitch and scores the fatal goal!

Gav: Ouch. So, basically, they were Croatia?

Michael: Touche!