Online examples of my poetry can be found here. Sadly, neither of my two acclaimed poems, Daddy Kicked Doggy into the Fire and Innocence, can currently be found online.

At Dad's Funeral - An example of my daft humour. But then, as Gran says, if you can't have fun at a funeral, where can you have fun?

Being - You don't need to be a writer to be mad, thought it helps.

Delays at Central - For want of a nail, with slightly more ludicrous consequences.

God Bless Drink - thankfully, the friend in question has toned down his drinking since this was written.


The Mummy Long Legs - A tougher proposition than the Daddy, I'm sure.

The Selfish Suicide - Another consequences poem.

The Shark - Written as a childrens poem, but apparently above their heads. A drowning man meets a shark with an opinion.

Elvis is Dead

You - An ode to paranoia.

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