Great Works by Other Writers

Hi! This is where you can find some outstanding work. And no, I don't mean work that wasn't handed in. Hohoho! Yeah, ok, only Iain is going to get that one.

As you may have guessed, I love reading. Comes with the territory. Devour books and short stories. Many of those writers are sadly not as well known as they should be.

So for those who value my good taste - and apparently some do, you poor souls - this is the database for stories I've read online and think need to be read by more people. I'll paste links to them in here, and promote when this section is updated.

Writing can be so lonely a pursuit, the stories oft hiding in the wilderness of cyberspace. Here are some I want to pay tribute to.

Inglis, Gavin
Bookcase Madness

A short but sweet offering from one of the UK's finest living humour writers going.

Stanger, Vaughan
Invisible Touch

Steel, Jim
Enemy of the Party
The Fog-Catcher

Jim is the books review editor of Interzone, and an early contributor to The40p. You can buy his short story Thrilling Air Stories.

Williamson, Neil
The Apparatus
The Happy Gang

The Apparatus is a Conan Doyle style supernatural story. The Happy Gang takes the war settings of my favourite writer, A.M. Burrage, and then turns them completely on its head. Recommended tales from a fellow Glaswegian scribe.

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  1. I read all the stories and enjoyed them all. Bookcase Madness made me smile and it had quite a nice little nostalgic ending, and The Apparatus was a classic supernatural story of the old style, with a little twist.

    Just curious as to what your various interpretations were of Edward?