Thursday, 15 July 2021

WWE recap (9th-12th July 2021)

 Smackdown 9th July 2021

We open with Roman Reigns giving a long promo where he reunites Jimmy and Jey Uso. Yes, it was good, but it was treading water with the same sort of Reigns speech we've heard for the past few months.

Nakamura beats Sad News Corbin to qualify for the Money in the Bank match. Corbin looked sad. Rick Boogs now owns Corbin's car.

Wednesday, 14 July 2021

The Space Museum

The Space Museum (part 1)

The TARDIS console freezes then moves in slow motion as the regulars are frozen in place around it and the screen goes blank.

We see a bunch of dead spaceships and an old fort building.

The TARDIS lands against a rocky backdrop.

Thursday, 8 July 2021

The Smackdown and RAW recap (2nd and 5th July 2021)

 You know, ever since I started doing this, RAW has gone from 1 good episode in 6 months to 3 good episodes in 6 weeks. Though how long that jinx can last if they keep firing all their wrestlers is open for debate.

Smackdown 2nd July 2021

Edge started Smackdown with an in-ring promo where he challenged Roman Reigns to face him in the ring later that night. After his comeback the week previous, Edge is now the number one contender, because Hall of Famers dont need to win no stinkin' contendership matches.

Saturday, 3 July 2021

WWE Round up (25th June -28th June)

 Smackdown 25th June 2021

Smackdown starts with Roman Reigns complaining that Jey Uso isn't around, and being clearly unhappy that Jimmy Uso is.

Bianca gives an in-ring promo about beating Bayley in a Hell in a Cell match. Seth Rollins interrupts, and this leads to a mixed tag match. Rollins and Bayley beat Cesaro and Bianca in a feisty (but limited) mixed tag when Bayley beat Bianca, because WWE just fired most of the women so these two have to fight forever. The issue with WWE mixed tag matches is that if a tag means the other person has to come into the match (men and women aren't allowed to fight) then there is no point in it being a tag match.

Thursday, 1 July 2021

The Crusade


The Crusade (episode 1)

Ah, even after a weaker story there's nothing quite like the Dr Who theme to get your mood up.

Some men with swords hunt through a forest, with other men stalking them. The TARDIS lands silently in the middle of this as the tense music grows. Already this has more jeopardy to it than Web Planet and nothing has happened.

It's Julian Glover! What an actor. He's speaking in iambic pentameter too and tells us we are in Jaffa and he's taking on Saladin. So its Richard the Lionheart.

Friday, 25 June 2021

RAW qualifying for a bank (21/6/2021)

 Post-PPV show so results, out of a kindness, go after the advert and the break...

Smackdown IN A CELL (18th June 2021)

 We discover that the PPV World title match between Roman Reigns and challenger Rey Mysterio will now take place on Smackdown.

Rey gives a solid promo about respecting family and hypocrisy. Reigns shows up and tries to get Rey to cancel the match, which Rey refuses to do. Quote Roman: "I tried to be diplomatic, now we're doing it my way..."

Apollo Crews and Commander Azeez beat Kevin Owens and Big "slumming it in this programme" E, when Azeez, who is very, very green, beat both semi main eventers up and pinned Owens with a distraction aide from Sami Zayn. So yes, once again Luigi Wins by Doing Absolutely Nothing. The former Dabbo Kato is very inexperienced and it showed.

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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Interview: Only Connect contestant Stuart Wildig


As I get older, I’ve become a far bigger quiz/game show fan. I remember when I was a small child, I would sit next to Gran, as she indulged her Countdown addiction, and tried to play along. “Dog”, “Cat” were my usual offerings from the 9 letters on display, and weirdly for someone who became a writer, I found the numbers round far easier. In fact, I still do! Nowadays, its great fun watching Pointless or The Chase or The Answer Trap (it was great, recommission it, Channel 4!) alike and answering all the questions the poor contestant misses, knowing fine well there’s a difference between the living room sofa and the glare of the studio lights! I’ve even started getting Sarah into quiz shows (she loved The Wheel, which meant I had to tape and watch repeatedly a Michael McIntyre show) and she even helped vote in the last UK Gameshow Poll of the Year. Did you notice The Floor is Lava drew for 5th place in the new media category? That’s Sarah, as is the anonymous “wean” who tried to repeat all the courses in our house during lockdown.

Despite a lasting interest in the quiz show, I’ve never felt able to bite the bullet and apply to go on one, to put my chatter brain where my money would be, if I had any spare.

Sunday, 20 June 2021

The Web Planet

I didn't think I would be this busy when I started this - busy, busy and sod all gets done! (Also this was delayed a fortnight by an infected finger. Who gets one of those? Apparently lots of people, its one of the most common ailments in the UK, but I was ignorant of this until I had to stop all writing for over a week and become an even grumpier sod than usual!)


The Web Planet (episode 1)

If this feels like it was written differently, its because I have never seen this story before. Is it, as a friendly voice told me back when I was a kid, "a lot of ¤¤¤¤e" or, is it a hidden gem? As I wrote these words as way of preamble, I hadn't a clue. I knew about zarbi and the basic plot, and the reputation, but I had no idea how I'd react to actually seeing this...


The TARDIS is caught in a force field, and is being dragged down to a planet!

Thursday, 17 June 2021

RAW 14/6/2021 - The Phantom Piper (Niven)

 We start the show as we ended the last, with some possessed demon girl laughing. Alexa Bliss gives everyone portents of doom about what's to come, which to be fair, she could give us every week and it'd be accurate about watching RAW.

Nikki Cross defeated Charlotte Flair by countout in another match where Charlotte dominated but then was distracted by Rhea Ripley so lost. The worrying thing is that I think this is the WWE trying to push Nikki Cross. They just suck at pushing faces now.

Smackdown 11/6/2021 Uso Ready for This

 Smackdown started with the traditional Roman Reigns looking angry backstage bit, then Jimmy Uso came out and did a standard promo about Reigns. All the while backstage Reigns continued to stir shit with Jey.