Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Story Updates

The Shark, Munich, The Stranger, To The Vote (State Censored Version), Hero of the Day, Character in Search of An Author and The Dying of the Dark have been added to the Online Fiction links on the right hand side.

The Shark was meant to be a children's poem, but then certain editors pointed it was a bit too much for that intended audience. A drowning man meets a shark in the middle of the sea, and prepares for the worst.

Munich is a silly poem about war which is neither historical accurate nor has any references to the German city in it. In fact, the title gives it a more grandoise feeling than it probably deserves, but there you go.

The Stranger is a sentimental piece you can find at Yesteryear fiction. It is almost a purely autobiographical tale, except for the bits which are fiction. A downtrodden man has a close encounter of the spiritual kind on a Glasgow bus.

To The Vote (State Censored Version) is a shortened version of a longer story for Calliope Nerve. Sadly, the shortened version cuts out the Tom Jordan in-joke, but one can't have it all. The government have placed the motion for debate on the internet forum, it is now down to the public to vote for the execution.

Hero of the Day is a traditional fairy tale (of sorts) for Thrillers, Chillers n Killers. Our hero will save the day, the damsel in distress and ward off the hordes of evil. At least, that's what he had hoped would happen...

Character in Search of an Author, for Darkest Before The Dawn. The writer was dead. The police were called. An open and shut case, no chance of a supernatural element. Unfortunately, the police sent in DCI Sembilan, and the truth is always twisted when he is on the case. Heavily inspired by L.P. Hartley.

The Dying of the Dark, for Powderburn Flash. An old man lies dying in a hospital ward, bathed in darkness. When the light arrives, he believes he will die. And this being the end, he has called for a priest. For his final confessional...

Also a note that "Dyatlov Pass" has been picked up by Dark Gothic Resurrected Magazine, and should be in the October issue.

"The Outpost" has also been picked up, by Static Movement magazine. No word on when it will be published as of yet, though.

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