Monday, 19 October 2015

Unreal Estate and Touching Distance, Available to Buy on The40p

October has seen two new stories added to The40p.

"Unreal Estate", by Jon Kaneko-James, is the first in a series of stories about Susanna Courting, a female paranormal investigator in the style of Algernon Blackwood's John Silence. In her debut, she aims to help a man haunted by a clock which threatens to destroy his entire livelihood. Philip K Dick would no doubt tell you: clocks are bad news, you never know what's hiding in them. Courting's work takes her to the heart of the mysterious Ministry, and there is a terrible price to pay for helping the haunted businessman.

Kaneko-James is a historian in much demand these days (and works at the Globe Theatre in London) so we were delighted to be able to snag his talents.

I said it was the first. I hear there are more to come, thankfully.

There is also "Touching Distance" by Vaughan Stanger. This is a story with great echoes of Ray Bradbury at his best, as a blind man undergoes a scientific test with the hope of helping to pioneering a breakthrough in restoring sight. Unfortunately, there appears to be a ghost in the machine. A pedestrian who shouldn't be there. A gremlin, perhaps? Or is it a haunting from the past?

Stanger is a former astronomer turned writer with over a decade of credits to his name, including A Walk in the Woods in Interzone ("An innovative yet profoundly sad evocation of the transition from the vitality of Nature to the anaemia of virtual reality." wrote Locus reviewer Nick Gevers), and 2015's A Walk in the Rain, published by Postscripts. Postscripts was the original home for Touching Distance back in 2006, we are delighted to be able to republish this fine story.

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