Thursday, 29 November 2018

Assorted Links

Article by me on CBBC show Creeped Out, via the superb We Are Cult website. It was great, and a second series is on the cards.

As was Killing Eve, and ditto about the second series.

Yours truly also wrote this article for Spooky Isles on Rosemary Timperley.

And you can read the better half's take on 30 Spooky Places in Glasgow too.

Other Side Books on Amazon

Into the Darkness by Paul Zunckel - A Clive Cussler style thriller about a man left for dead in the South African veldt after trying to stop poachers.

The Second Christmas Book of Ghosts -  A collection of festive haunts.

The Knight's Daughter by Jo M. Thomas - a deconstruction of myths around the Greenwood Forest.

Euro 2016 by Jon Arnold - The last Euros, told through a Welsh perspective.

A Dark Neon Dying by Jon Kaneko-James - Only two people can stop a new horror arising in the cyberpunk future of New Paris.

Journey to Cydonia by Chris O'Kane - Painstakingly researched memoir. From working class Glasgow to covering NASA launches, and the struggle to get scientific rigor attached to a Forteana topic.

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