Sunday, 31 January 2021

Rumble predicts

 As my attempts to predict the Rumbles were so popular last year (read - 2 or 3 people clicked like...) here's my attempts to predict/book the 2021 ones, based on, well, a little bit of current storyline and a whole lot of wishful thinking...

And WWE completely changed their plans and announced the first two in the mens, not the womens, so this from 3 days ago is already out of date!

Womens Rumble

Saturday, 30 January 2021

Royal Rumble History (part 3)

 Part 1


Part 2



OK, so I said look forward to Part 3 in 2017. When you become a parent, time speeds up…




The road to WrestleMania XV should have been a simple one.

M.R. James wordcounts

 For ease of reference, this is the assorted word counts of M.R. James ghost stories in descending order. (With best wishes to Darroll Pardoe, who we just learned died on Thursday there...)

1.     Mr Humphreys and his Inheritance 10, 852 words

2.     Residence at Whitminster 10, 140

3.     Casting the Runes 8853

4.     Whistle 7984


Friday, 11 December 2020

Sea Terrors

  3 Tales of Horror by Jo M. Thomas, Michael S. Collins (that's me!) and Jon Arnold.


Read about the future diary and predestination! A cursed boat, an evil ghost and a dwindling list of survivors on a pleasure cruise gone horribly wrong! What happens when you put a lot of Brexiteers on a big boat and meet ghosts of the past? Each story pays tribute to a beast of the genre: Jo is inspired by Alan Garner, yours truly is basically a homage to John Carpenter, and Jon basically goes all Dario Argento on folk.

Sea Terrors is available on Amazon.

You can also get a copy on Kindle



Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Jurassic Games

A film which only gets 3/10 on IMDb. Is it true that any film with dinosaurs wins over Michael? Possibly. 


The Reign of Terror

 Reign of Terror (episode 1)
A Land of Fear

Armored brigades engaging their lines
Regain control of black gold
Your reign of terror will come to an end
Forcing you out of control

Thank you, Saboton.

So the Doctor was in a plot induced huff and wanted to abandon Ian and Barbara. But first we see cloaked figures walk through a forest. Written by Dennis Spooner is a promising early announcement. Funny seeing the TARDIS land without the grunting groaning sound we all know and love.

Wednesday, 14 October 2020

Apocalypse Pompeii (2014) - Worst Film Ever

Apocalypse Pompeii (2014)

So we start with a guy trying to drive his wife and daughter away from some volcano in the Carribbean/latin America as pyroclastic flow rushes through their village. And just as I was about to write down how unrealistic that is, the car explodes, because you can't outrun pyroclastic flow. I guess that's them dead.

Meanwhile, a guy who looks like Alberto Del Rio (man, did this reference from a week ago date badly!) is having a boring meeting in town. And some American tourists are investigating Pompeii when Vesuvius explodes again. Is this the same explosion? The narratives a bit weird here. Also its a Bulgarian Italian film, the audio for it on Horror Channel is ¤¤¤¤ed, and there's no subtitles so I haven't a clue who is who.

How to Kill a Monster

How to Kill a Monster

So, back in the early 1990s, writer RL Stine had finally carved out a niche for himself. He had spent 20 years writing anything and everything under the sun - joke books, colouring books, self help books, interviews, articles, liner sheets, TV scripts, comics - that would pay the bills as he tried to make his way as a writer. He wanted to be Jovial Bob, a MAD magazine style writer, but he struggled to get that successful paying job until he was in his 40s and an editor friend of his wife noted his love of horror and asked the infamous question: "Why not write a horror book?" Twisted was the result, for Scholastic's new young adult range and it quickly became a best seller in its demographic. So he got asked to write another, and another, and soon even his own series of books, Fear Street.

The Sand (2015)

The Sand (2015)

We open with found footage of a night time teen beach party, where is playing loud music, drinking and falling out with each other, usual stuff. This juxtaposes with the early morning beach, which is quiet and empty bar 8 teens who wake up, 4 in a car, 2 in the lifeguard hut, one on a table, one in a barrel. No one else is left. Then someone stands on the sand and dies horribly, and it becomes clear they are the survivors of some horrific attack which is still going on, and that anyone who steps foot on the sand is dead.

Thursday, 24 September 2020

The Sensorites

Sensorites (episode 1)
Strangers in Space



So the crew don't now where the TARDIS has landed and all the signals are wonky, so they open the doors, but first a quick reminder of all the adventures you missed:

IAN: There's one thing about it, Doctor. We're certainly different from when we started out with you.
SUSAN: That's funny. Grandfather and I were talking about that just before you came in. How you've both changed.
BARBARA: Well we've all changed.
SUSAN: Have I?
DOCTOR: Yes, it all started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard, and now it's turned out to be quite a, quite a great spirit of adventure, don't you think?
IAN: Yes. We've had some pretty rough times and even that doesn't stop us. It's a wonderful thing, this ship of yours, Doctor. Taken us back to prehistoric times, the Daleks.
SUSAN: Marco Polo, Marinus.
BARBARA: And the Aztecs.
DOCTOR: Yes, and that extraordinary quarrel I had with that English king, Henry the Eighth. You know, he threw a parson's nose at me.
BARBARA: What did you do?
DOCTOR: Threw it back, of course. Take them to the Tower, he said. That's why I did it.
SUSAN: The Tardis was inside the Tower.

I'd have preferred that last one - unseen - over some episodes of Keys of Marinus tbh. The Doctor and crew are no longer adversaries, they are now firmly friends, joking about historical murderous tyrants. 

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

Baby shark, do do do do...